What do you think?

Now that I have chosen a name for my blog and one of my favourite photographs. I am busy organizing the layout, pages, links, etc. This process is taking much longer than I thought as I learn how to set things up, move things around, etc. The learning curve is steep but I love learning and this is a great challenge. I also want to model risk-taking to help other educators believe that they, too, can be participate in social media and in the digital world.

I have been following many blogs over the past year and I think that the next step in my journey as a reflective educator is to begin this blog. I appreciate what I have learned from all of you and I hope that this blog will be helpful to many teachers, just as your blogs have been so helpful to me. I don’t consider myself a writer so I don’t intend to write long posts but my goal is to reflect on work I do with teachers in my consultant role as well as provide practical suggestions, links, ideas, etc. Many of you have inspired me to risk and I want to say thanks!

Please have a look at the layout of my blog. I would appreciate your ideas if you notice anything I have missed or improvements I can make to this site.

I would also welcome any comments from you as I begin this journey as a blogger.

About ccampbel14

I am a District consultant in math, numeracy & new curriculum. I believe everyone can be numerate 👍 Love my family, math, photography & dance.
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