The Power of Twitter

This weekend, during my son’s hockey game, another parent and I were sharing how our weeks had gone. As we chatted, I realized that I had shared several stories about how Twitter had a direct impact on why my week had been so great.

First, I attended AISI Conference 2011 and met Jen Clevette who I had only previously ‘known’ on Twitter. She and I are both educators and we tweet regularly so it was really exciting to meet her face-to-face. Another fantastic thing about the conference was that several people tweeted throughout the day. Not only did I learn from attending sessions in person but I benefitted from their thoughts and reflections throughout the day as they attended various sessions. Bonus! As well, in a session with a group from Edmonton Catholic Schools, we were able to tweet our thanks to the student presenters via one of the adult presenters. So neat 🙂

Second,  Sir Ken Robinson was in Red Deer to present, ‘How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything’ last Wednesday. I was not able to go to Red Deer so instead, I tuned into the tweets with the hashtag #sirken. It wasn’t like being there but it allowed me to follow the conversation, see the quotes that others thought were important and gave us, those who weren’t present, the opportunity to pose questions that could be shared by audience members. I really appreciated this opportunity to learn virtually. As well, Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas and messages spread beyond the walls of that conference room to our global community and I think that is powerful.

Finally, I shared my excitement about beginning this blog. I know that I never would have begun this blog had it not been for Twitter. I’m thrilled AND scared to share my thoughts in writing here, but I have seen many educators who share their work, reflections and challenges openly with the world. I haven’t met most of these people in person, but rather on-line through Twitter. They have been very helpful to me and others in my PLN. Practically speaking, I have been able to see how they structure their blogs, the type of posts they write, and this has given me the confidence to try it myself. I have seen how helpful and supportive the Twitter community is and I am truly thankful for their tweets, retweets, comments and support.

About ccampbel14

I am a District consultant in math, numeracy & new curriculum. I believe everyone can be numerate 👍 Love my family, math, photography & dance.
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