Math, Music & Learning

I am very blessed to be a consultant for my school district. I love the work I do and I’m extremely fortunate to learn something new from the talented teachers I work with every day. I can only hope they learn as much from me as I learn from them!

About a month ago a group of elementary teachers and I were sharing tools, strategies and resources for math class. In particular we focused on music and videos to support student learning. I am thankful for their suggestions and would like to share them here.

The first videos are by a group called They Must Be Giants. I remember them from the 1980s with the song, ‘Istanbul Not Constantinople‘. They have begun composing educational songs for math, science and other subjects.

Here is a cute video about a nonagon. Click here for more of their videos.

The second group of videos come from Mr. Harry Kindergarten. He has his own channel and has created wonderful videos for students in elementary school.

This is a great example of a rap that students will love. This will help students with their skip counting but teachers could also incorporate daily physical activity along with the video. Click here for more of his educational videos.


About ccampbel14

I am a District consultant in math, numeracy & new curriculum. I believe everyone can be numerate 👍 Love my family, math, photography & dance.
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