Math 3 Learning Through Problem Solving

My last two posts described a process my colleagues and I have offered as another way to review in math. Since Alberta students write Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) in grade 3, 6 and 9 our goal is to create a Notebook file that teachers can use at each of these grade levels.

My previous post, which you can access here, highlights a grade 9 example. Today I’d like to share a grade 3 example that my colleague, Pat Lore, created. Even if you have seen my grade 9 example I strongly recommend that you watch her podcast. She brings up many good points and more reasons why we are suggesting to do review this way. Even though we have provided teacher notes for you, PLEASE watch this podcast before opening and/or downloading the file.

We are both learning how to use Camtasia so this is her first attempt. I’d say it is fantastic!

Click  here to download the Notebook file. If you do not have Notebook software you can download a PDF version here.

Please let us know how this goes with your students and any suggestions you may have. Thanks 🙂

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I am a District consultant in math, numeracy & new curriculum. I believe everyone can be numerate 👍 Love my family, math, photography & dance.
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